Project Management Life Cycle

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In order to qualify for the PMP credential one must achieve 4500 to 7500 working hours leading projects. That is 3 to 5 years experience! 

Start your career of right by getting the right knowledge and skills to be successful, and obtain the right experience to qualify for your PMP exam.

This course will get you on the right path by going through the methodology and  teaching you what tools you need and how to use them, when to engage your team, how to prepare your schedule, how to create a high level budget versus a low level project budget. This course on the Project Management Life Cycle provides a thorough overview on the fundamentals of managing a project from its idealization through to the completion of the project.

We walk through each phase of the Project Management Life Cycle, identifying the activities within the Concept, Definition, Planning, Implementation and Close-out phases, and I explain how to use the tools and provide you with the knowledge required to manage a project from beginning to end. 

This course dives into the major deliverables of each phase and explains how to use the tools to complete a Business Case, Project Plan, Project Schedule, Implementation Plan, and lessons learned documents to enable you for success on your projects. 

I will discuss the techniques I use that has helped me be successful and well respected within my career! Don't wait any longer enrol now and get started in Project Management.


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