PMPĀ® Online Prep Module

The PMP Online Prep Module has been prepared by PMstudy - a global leader in PMP certification which has enabled more than 200,000 students to pass the PMP exam with a success rate of 98.7%. This online preparatory courses is exhaustive and is offered in three options to best suit your needs.

Simulated Practice Tests
(200 Questions, 4 Hrs.)
4 Tests 4 Tests 4 Tests
(12 Chapters)
1 Chapter Video  All 12 Videos All 12 Videos
Online Study Material
(Study Guides, Chapter tests, Pod Casts, Terms & Concepts)
2 Chapters  All 12 Chapters All 12 Chapters
Mobile Application
(Chapter Tests, Terms & Concepts, Flash Cards)
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Receive PMI Contact Hours 10 40 40
Access Duration 60 Days 120 Days 180 Days

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